True Colors Personality Test

True Colors Personality Test Assessment

The True Colors Test is a personality survey designed to help you easily understand yourself and others. It provides a superficial look at behavioral and personality types and styles. The True Colors Personality Assessment can help you improved communication and rapport skills, whether it is in your personal life, professional life. 

The True Colors Survey is helps you understanding similar and different behavioral styles, personality types and temperament without getting lost in jargon or unnecessary complexity. It looks at four primary styles :

  • Blue - Compassionate
  • Gold - Responsible
  • Orange - Spontaneous
  • Green - Conceptual

True colors test is research based and fun to take online. The online assessment version is designed to access both your right and left brain in helping to determine your True Colors Personality Type. True Colors is used by more than 500,000 individuals yearly throughout the world in the areas of business, education, healthcare, criminal justice, career counseling, mental health and within communities and religious organizations. However based on our internal research we have decided to no longer offer the Online True Colors Test. We are recommending the DISC Classic 2.O or the DISC Classic 2 Plus personality/behavioral profiles by Inscape Publishing, a part of Wiley to help clients understand themselves and others better.

Center for Internal Change, Inc. a top distributor for the original paper booklet version of the DiSC Classic Profile, Personal Profile System 2800 Series and online versions of the highly validated and reliable DISC Personality Test and DISC Behavioral Profile, used internationally by over 50 million people, Fortune 500 companies, corporations, religious organization, government and municipal agencies, educational institutions and HR or OD consultants and professional for human and employee and organizations change and development.

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We recommend the DISC Personality Profiles and behavioral based assessments

June 21, 2016